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Helping businesses to implement responsible sourcing strategies

At QBL Consulting we’re passionate about doing the right thing for people, planet and business. We care about building sustainable businesses capable of moving forward and innovating, whilst ensuring that they preserve their licence to operate.

Preservation of the licence to operate is imperative for tomorrows business, without it you’ll risk ceasing to be relevant in your market place and risk alienating your customers. Incorporating social and environmental welfare into your business model improves your ability to not only maintain a sustainable business but creates more loyal customers, retains employees and encourages investors to commit to your business.

Our vision is to deliver the best sustainability solutions to businesses, empower our teams to be creative and pragmatic and put people and planet at the heart of everything we do.

Our purpose is to support businesses to implement responsible sourcing strategies to enable them to build sustainable businesses that retain their licence to operate, whilst ensuring dignity and respect for people and protecting and nurturing the planet.

We can help support and guide your business through the moral and legal maze of human rights and environmental issues, using our experience to avoid potential reputational damage.

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